Collaborating with funeral parlours to create a utility that caters to attendees' funeral needs.

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More Than A
Digital Obituary


getting lost!

Instead of the bereaved family leaving you stranded with directions that start with trees & petrol stations, that end with, "I'll find you there. Wait for me." Our link has GPS voice navigation to the Home, Service & Cemetery locations.

sharing programmes!

Instead of bothering the person next to you, to share their booklet with you, when the printed booklets run out. Our link has the digital version of the day's programme & obituary loaded onto it.

confusing funerals!

Instead of quietly sneaking into the wrong funeral at the cemetery after you arrive late. If the parlour offers an upgraded service, for that funeral. Our link will cleverly direct you to the correct tent amongst the many at the cemetery, once you start walking inside.

How it works

  • 1

    We Create

    We generate the link on behalf of the funeral parlour.

  • 2

    You Share

    The funeral parlour gives it to the bereaved family - their client.

  • 3

    They Distribute

    The family forwards the link to: Family, Friends, Stockvel Members, Colleagues, Church Members & everyone else who they think will need it. With the ease of the social media icons we have built into our digital obituaries.

About Us

We are committed to improving our client's digital presence, by harnessing the power of brand integration & digital innovation. To adding value of the highest quality, through ever mindful professionalism. In order for them to grow while staying relevant to their customer's digitally evolving needs.

To ignite families’ smiles again with nostalgia that weathers the mourning storm. Befriended by the compassion from custodians of your legacy.

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